Free Daily Ritual

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Free Daily Ritual

If you’re like me, you don’t have hours of free time in the morning

or you simply are not a morning person…


You want to begin your epic journey to align with your most authentic self.

Something in your life seems off and you want to find that balance…

Where do you start?

Right here!

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Free Daily Ritual

  • Gratitude: I write down three things, people or experiences I am grateful for on that day.
  • Affirmation: I use the same affirmations daily but switch them up every week or two as they adjust with my goals, desires, and mindset.
  • Goals: Daily goals could include simply doing household actions (laundry, dishes, vacuum…), going on a walk, calling your friend or your family member, meditating, etc.
    I try to keep this to three daily goals and less 🙂
  • Review: Review how your day went, how you feel, your wins, etc.

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